Welcome To My Test Site - I've Put This Site Up In Less Than 35 Minutes For FREE Using SynthaSite...
You'll have to excuse the fact that the site is a bit messy, I just wanted to put something up so you could see how easy it is. The image below took me a total of about 30 seconds to put up (it's me at the Revenue Magazine booth at Affiliate Summit). 
Click And Drag To Build Your Site:

Everything you're seeing above was built by CLICKING and DRAGGING things around - I have used ABSOLUTELY ZERO HTML to do this!

It's even really simple to put videos on your site!
The video below is a tour of my own home and an interview that was done on Legendary Marketers...

Synthasite Offers The Following:

1. FREE Web builder (no catch, no upsell)

2. FREE Hosting (if you have your own domain name)

3. NO Ads On YOUR Page

4. The ability to automatically dump in Advertising and anything else you want to MONETIZE your site!

5. New features every month!

6. Never download any software, work on your site from ANYWHERE.
Here Is A Quick Tutorial Video on Synthasite... 
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